Meet KodiPi

Want Movies, Shows & Series?

The KodiPi Movie Box,

is the latest generation in internet based streaming media players.

Watch your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Series, Sports and More all without any subscriptions or monthly fees. (That Means Free). The largest media source on the planet, the Internet, is now at your finger tips.

Simply Stated: Any Movie – Any Series – Any Time!

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What’s Playing on the KodiPi Movie Box:

  • All your favorite Movies
  • All your favorite TV Shows
  • All your favorite Series
  • International Channels
  • Sports & News Channels
  • Over 100 Specialty Channels
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One Mission

Why kodipi is the best streaming box

Designed for media streaming

Unlike other boxes that claim to do everything like games, web surfing, android apps and brew a cup of coffee. KodiPi is designed with one mission, to be "The Best Streaming Media Box"

Hardware & Software Designed for each other

This is not your typical Android box, as a matter of fact it does not run Android at all. While Android is designed to run very broadly on hundreds of Apps, Programs and Hardware, KodiPi's operating system is specifically designed to run on our hardware and software. This is why it is the most stable and reliable streaming box on the market.

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Add over 100 of your own favorite channels

Plug & Play Ready
It’s Easy – It’s Fast – It Works
Popcorn not included

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